Project Internships

We offer multiple summer and fall project positions to students who want to become masterful in designing data science projects, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams.

“As a member of Kaspect's team, I was able to work with a number of notably talented and driven people to create something that will make a real impact in data science, while mastering new software tools, languages, and platforms along the way.”
-Nick Reminder

"Working with Kaspect gave me the opportunity to learn incredible new tools in a supportive environment, and hone my leadership skills by working with great people on a project that could make a real impact on the scientific world”
-Max Schwarzer

Available Positions include:

Leaders in data science
Interface design for artificial intelligence applications
Innovations in finance, healthcare, & business
Science writing & activism
Data science through film
Industry research, and market analysis
Graphic design & data visualization

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